Why Choose Us

We are a GMP & FDA certified facility

  • We comply with all requirements as stipulated in the GMP.
  • We are US-FDA certified.
  • Our products comply with Halal requirements.
  • We offer comprehensive product development for a complete range of personal care products & cosmetics.
  • Our experienced R&D team is able to develop products desirable to the customers’ needs.
  • We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to cater for most packaging denominations.

Experienced in complying standards & supplying to overseas markets including USA, France, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia & Myanmar.

Factory Certifications

Our Products

R & D

We have a regional R&D laboratory which engages in research of the latest natural ingredients to move up to eco labelled personal care products and cosmetics.

Our Facilities

We have incorporated the latest technological advances in the production of all personal care products which allow us to be competitive through better output.

About Us

Ken Prima is located in Prai, Penang, Malaysia was formerly known as Hi-City Sdn Bhd (established in 1982) and has more than 30 years’ experience in this industry.

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